Submit a Session Proposal

Use this FORM to submit a proposal for a session at the 2018 PTO Conference. Please be sure to fill out all sections and navigate to the final Submit button and confirmation message. All submissions must be received by January 22nd, 2018 (deadline extended)

Download the Full 2018 Call for Proposals

The proposal form will ask the following questions:

Preferred Name, Email, Phone, Organization Affiliation & Title(if any), Mailing address, Brief Bio

Sections 2 & 3: Co-presenters Contact Information

Section 4: Proposal Information
Check ONE option indicating your presentation format.

  • Title
  • Program Description: In 200 characters (~30 words) or less please describe the workshop/presentation. This short description will be used in the conference guide if the session is selected.
  • Abstract: Please submit your abstract for our consideration in 1750 characters (~300 words) or less.
  • What are three questions you will pose to attendees to enhance knowledge, skills, and/or participation in your session?
  • Session Format
    • Anti-Oppression Dialogues
    • Workshops: The Techniques
    • Workshops: The Applications
    • Performance
    • Dialogue or Debate
    • Panel
    • Paper Presentation
  • Framework: Pedagogy of the Oppressed or Theatre of the Oppressed
  • Audience: Beginner, Intermediate/Experienced, Advanced
  • What language will the workshop be in? English, Español (Spanish), Português (Portuguese), American Sign Language (ASL)

Section 5: Scheduling & Additional Needs

  • What days are all presenters available to hold your session, if selected? June 8th, June 9th, and/or June 10th
  • What technical needs do you have? Please notice that we cannot guarantee that we will be able to fully support the technical needs of all presenters, but having an idea of the needs of our presenters will be able to support as many people as fully as possible. Please select all that apply.
  • What accessibility needs do any of the presenters have?

Section 6: Statement of Understanding
I understand that if my proposal is accepted and if I plan to attend the conference, I and each of my co-presenters will be required to pay the conference registration fee and other applicable traveling expenses.

Submit your conference workshop proposal HERE.