PTO Community Representatives

We’re so excited to be introducing the PTO Community Representatives Program. Through a network of Community Representatives (CRs), PTO intends to promote, support, and document the use of Liberatory Theatre, Popular Education, and related transformative practices and theories in the service of social, economic, and educational justice.

Already a community representative? Access the Community Representative Resource Center HERE.

Program Goals

  • To give the members of PTO the opportunity to learn about, participate in, and/or organize Pedagogy of the Oppressed (PO), Theatre of the Oppressed (TO), and other related events throughout the year. CRs will be able to:
  • To assist PTO members to develop networks which support anti-oppression activities and offer PO, TO, and related tools to further transformative work.
  • To create a sustainable organization that supports the mission of PTO and increases its membership by providing information and activities of value to constituents.
  • To promote partnerships with like-minded organizations.

Description, Requirements, and Suggested Activities

Community Representative tasks will fall into 3 areas: Reporting, Representing, and Organizing

  1. Report
    1. Gather and disseminate information about goings-on in your area.
    2. Forward announcements of events in your area to your network. The PTO web site houses forms for inclusion in the calendar (submission form) and requesting co-sponsorship.
  2. Represent PTO in your area
    1. Cultivate networking connections with those active in your area and, when you hear about work being done, invite those doing it to become part of the network and of PTO. Sample emails located below as well as in the downloadable CR Resource Guide
    2. Be a conduit for those in your area wishing to connect with PTO either by answering questions directly or by putting them in contact with the PTO Liaison. (Downloadable FAQ – coming soon)
    3. Bring PTO membership information to events you attend and promote PTO in person when possible. (Downloadable and Printable Flier)
  3. Facilitate PTO co-sponsorship of regional or topical community events:
    1. Assist in organizing and/or promoting events in your area as possible, such as local regional conferences, PO & TO focused symposia, seminars, institutes and workshops, topic symposia, action planning, performance development, festivals, etc. (Co-sponsorship Application)
    2. NOTE: Assisting can range from simply informing your network and PTO, to arranging for a presenter, to spearheading an independent or co-hosted regional conference. Your level of participation will depend on the type of event, organizing group desires, and your own situation.

Become a Community Representative

If you would like to become a Community Representative, please fill out the Community Representative Application Form below.

Who’s my Community Representative?

To find out if there is a Community Representative in your region or interest area, or to contact a CR about an event you are involved in, use the filter in the Directory.

More questions, requests, or suggestions?

Please contact the Community Representatives Liaison at

Community Representative Application Form
The information you supply will be collated with other responses and you will be contacted about networking, organizational possibilities, and the way in which to describe your community on the web site. Your PTO Directory entry, which you can edit, will list you as a Community Representative and you will be given access to the PTO calendar and the Community Representatives page on the web site. If you have any questions about the position, please contact email

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