Conference Site Application

Application for Groups Interested In Hosting PTO’s Annual Conference

Thank you for your interest in the annual conference held by Pedagogy and Theatre of the Oppressed, Inc.! Please download and fill out this document to officially declare your desire to host the annual PTO Conference. You can type your answers into this Microsoft Word document, re-save the document with your city/town/region name in the file name, and submit the saved file of the completed application to

Timeline for Host Site Applications

For the 2018 Conference: We already have the 2018 Pedagogy and Theatre of the Oppressed Conference site selected:  Indiana University of Pennsylvania in Indiana, Pennsylvania, USA (near Pittsburgh, PA, USA).

For the 2019 Conference and Beyond: If you are interested in hosting for 2019 or a later year, please submit your application as soon as possible. 2019 applications and beyond will be considered by the board on a rolling basis.

Application Process

This preliminary application is the first step in a longer dialogue between your local group and the PTO Board. That dialogue aims to determine if a conference in your area would benefit both your local group and PTO. If the PTO Board feels confident that your city/town is a potential host site, you will be contacted about scheduling in-depth telephone or Skype conversations with a sub-committee of PTO board members to discuss the conference process. The subcommittee will report back to the board about conversations with potential hosts. Based on those reports the board will vote to select its conference site.

Before you fill out this document, we advise you to consult the document entitled “So You Want To Host a PTO Conference . . .”, which describes the standard features of the conference, the division of labor, and responsibilities between the PTO board and the local hosts.

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Download the Conference Site Application Form