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How do you turn exciting moments of protest, theatre, or education into a movement for justice?


PTO Feature - 2015 Conference
WHEN: June 11-14, 2015 (with pre-conference workshops June 9-11)

WHERE: Chicago, IL, USA, a city with a rich history of activism and organizing

HOST: The Education Department at Columbia College Chicago

WHAT: A chance to LEARN, SHARE, QUESTION, and CONNECT through interactive techniques developed by Paulo Freire, Augusto Boal, and other people working to fight oppression and create justice. Learn more about Freire and Boal and their work at

Conference participants create machines of sound and movements to reflect on their conference experience.

Conference participants create machines of sound and movements to reflect on their conference experience.

WHO: YOU. Students, teachers, scholars, artists, activists, organizers. People of all ages, places, identities, experiences. If you want to build dialogue and make a more just world, you are invited, you are welcomed, and you are NEEDED.

WHY: From Ferguson to Gaza to Monrovia to Rio de Janeiro to anywhere else, oppressions call for us to turn moments into movements. In your schools, your homes, your workplaces, your communities, your nations, our world, there is too much to be done to act alone.



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How to get involved

  • Apply to share your work and ideas with people from around the world.
  • Register to attend as a participant, whether you want to present or not.
  • If you’re local to Chicago, volunteer with us. Email to say you want to volunteer.

At the PTO Conference you’ll have the opportunity to explore and dialogue about the crucial questions, like:

  • You don’t have to answer all of these. They’re just meant to inspire.
  • How can we use Pedagogy of the Oppressed, Theatre of the Oppressed, and other techniques to serve larger movements working to end oppressions?
  • What is solidarity? What are its challenges? What is the role of solidarity in activism?
  • Why are political struggles often remembered through heroes and other individuals? What can we learn from past and present collective struggles?
  • How do we work together across borders of geography, power, privilege, identity, or belief?
  • How do we analyze connections between different forms of violence (physical, psychological, ecological, ideological, cultural, etc.)?
  • What goals or movements should Pedagogy of the Oppressed or Theatre of the Oppressed never serve?
  • What is the place of hope and healing in collective struggle? How do we honor desires for hope and healing without discouraging anger that often fuels change?
  • How do we confront the reality that not all oppressions are equally severe or urgent?
  • What happens when activists work as allies to end oppressions that they themselves do not face?
  • Do we tend to fall so in love with our shared techniques that we forget our actual goals? If so, how do we get back to the goals?

Questions? Email

Conference Registration Refund Policy

Conference cancellation up to one month before the conference: 90% refunded
Conference cancellation one month to two weeks before the conference: 50% refunded
Cancellation two weeks before the conference up to conference start: No refund available

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