Educational Videos

Pedagogy and Theatre of the Oppressed, Inc. is excited to release consensual videos taken at our gatherings. All videos are subtitled and you can also browse these videos on our YouTube Channel! We hope these videos will enhance your own PO and TO practices and better inform your work. A detailed table of contents is included below so you an quickly find topics or techniques of interest.

2016 Pedagogy and Theatre of the Oppressed Regional Gathering in Chicago, IL
Summary: This gathering took place over 3 days and was formatted as a progressive workshop developed and jokered by Julian Boal. The main concept explored over this time was the way in which oppression is internalized by people with more structural power and less to create contradictions in our ideology vs. actions. To explore this, the spect-actors created allegorical skits on topics developed by the group and then turned these into forum theatre pieces, as shown below.

  1. Allegorical Skits
    • Topics: sexism and sexual violence; racism in education; gentrification and parenthood; transphobia and cissexism in social movements, racism, police; ageism against young and elders; sexism in higher education; undocumented oppression
  2. Forum Skit 1: “Women in the Machine” [Stop and Think Technique]
    • Topics: sexism; gender norms; sexual harassment and violence; title ix; university reporting; bystander intervention
  3. Forum Skit 2: “People of Color in Predominately White Institutions” [Hanover Variation Technique]
    • Topics: racism in education; white dominance; privilege; rewriting history
  4. Forum Skit 3: “On Gentrification and Policing” [Rashoman Masks Technique]
    • Topics: gentrification; policing; racism in housing and economy; parenthood; distribution of community resources
  5. Forum Skit 4: “It’s All About the Money” [Analytical Rehearsal of Style Technique]
    • Topics: racism; policing; police violence and Black Lives Matter; transmisogyny and cissexism; media bias
  6. Forum Skit 5: “Ageism” [Analytical Rehearsal of Emotion Technique]
    • Topics: ageism in the workplace; technology; inter-generational solidarity
  7. Forum Skit 6: “Academic Olympics” [Long Beach Telegram Technique]
    • Topics: sexism in academia, sexism at work, legal discrimination
  8. Forum Skit 7: “Puppets” [Animals Technique]
    • Topics: undocumented in higher education system; student loans; financial oppression; student retention


Allegorical Skits


“Women in the Machine” [Stop and Think Technique]


“POC in PWIs” [Hanover Variation Technique]


“On Gentrification and Policing” [Rashoman Masks Technique]


“It’s All About the Money” [Analytical Rehearsal of Style]


“Ageism” [Analytical Rehearsal of Emotion Technique]


“Academic Olympics” [Long Beach Telegram Technique]


“Puppets” [Animals Technique]