PTO Journal

PTO Journal

Mark Weinberg and Katherine Burke are the new PTO Journal Editors as of 2018! Read more HERE.

  • View the entire Volume 1 of the PTO Journal, Summer 2016
  • View the entire Volume 2 of the PTO Journal, Summer 2017.
  • View the entire Volume 3 of the PTO Journal, Summer 2018.
  • View and share the editor’s introduction to the journal.
  • Check out the PTO Journal Vimeo page, where you can watch a welcome from the editor and view video work featured in this issue.

About the PTO Journal

Launched in 2015, PTO Journal publishes one volume of artistic, reflective, and/or scholarly work annually. Hosted by BePress and supported through the University of Northern Iowa Rod Library, the journal is free and relatively easy for PTO to operate. The editor oversees all aspects of the journal including submission and publication processes, maintenance of the associate editor team and editorial review board, publicity and marketing for the journal, management of journal-related websites, and communication through the journal’s email account. The editorial review board is 35 members strong, and the editor collaborates with a small team of associate editors who provide review, editorial, and other support to the editor as needed.

Previous editorial and/or reviewing experience, former or current PTO organizational membership, familiarity with both Pedagogy of the Oppressed and Theatre of the Oppressed praxis, and strong commitment to the mission of the PTO Journal are preferred.

Questions about the journal and sumbissions may be directed to the current editor(s) at