Join Julian Boal for an Innovative Post-Conference Workshop!

PTO Feature - Julian Collage

Pedagogy and Theatre of the Oppressed is so excited to invite you to attend Julian Boal’s post-conference workshop, From Rainbow of Desire into Forum Theatre.

 Julian Boal, son and co-facilitator of Theatre of the Oppressed’s founder Augusto Boal, is a founding member of Ambata, GTO-Paris (Theatre of the Oppressed Group – Paris) and Féminisme-Enjeux. He has realized workshops and projects in more than twenty countries, and he helped in the realization of TO festivals in India with Jana Sanskriti, in Europe with Pa’tothom, and in South America with CTO-Rio. Julian is the author of Images of a Popular Theatre (Imagens de um Teatro Popular, Hucitec, 2000) and is actually working for a PhD in Brazil.

From Rainbow of Desire into Forum Theatre is an innovative workshop comining two forms of Theatre of the Oppressed that are often regarded as separate and distinct. Join Julian Boal in exploration and discovery that builds on research Augusto Boal began but did not have time to complete.

Far too often, Rainbow of Desire and Forum Theatre are represented as two radically different strands of Theatre of the Oppressed. Historically, Rainbow has been thought of as a technique to explore our psychological subjectivities, our interior lives and how they have been shaped by oppression. Meanwhile, Forum Theatre has often been emphasized as a technique that pays less attention to interior life and more attention to analyzing and dismantling broader social structures. But social systems shape our subjective experiences of the world, and in turn our subjective experiences shape social systems.

This workshop will build on research Augusto Boal began but did not have time to complete. It will join these two popular techniques—Rainbow and Forum—with a specific purpose. Through games, Image Theatre, and Rainbow techniques, the workshop will allow participants to transcend the boundaries often imagined between Rainbow and Forum. What role might Rainbow techniques play in building compelling, politically complex Forum scenes? That is the dynamic question at the center of this hands-on workshop.

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