Coming SOON! 2016 PTO Regional Gatherings

Let’s gather together with others in our area to Connect with each other, Create change, and Challenge our communities to grow!

PTO Feature - 2016 Gathering

At the 2015 Conference, many of you expressed a desire for more local gatherings. We are happy to announce that in 2016 we will be hosting several smaller gatherings in multiple locations! It is our hope that this will enable more participation and promote greater accessibility to PTO for our membership and for additional interested activists, artists, community advocates, allies, and educators around the nation and the world. Several regional gatherings are in the planning process in the United States, and will be announced on a rolling basis as soon as more concrete information is available.

Each Regional Gathering will be grounded in pedagogy of the oppressed and/or theatre of the oppressed theory and practice. Gatherings will be locally organized and supported by PTO and if you would like more information about hosting a Gathering, please go to the Regional Gathering Information for Prospective Hosts page (coming soon!). Gatherings will be open to the public and if you are a PTO member, you will receive a Gathering registration discount! You can learn more about interactive techniques developed by Paulo Freire, Augusto Boal, and other people working to fight oppression and create justice at