Pedagogy and Theatre of the Oppressed Journal Call for Editor

Nominations for Journal Editor due by June 27th, 2021!


The Pedagogy and Theatre of the Oppressed (PTO) Journal is seeking a new Editor to begin an appointed term on the PTO Board beginning September 1, 2021 (full schedule below). The PTO Journal is an English-language, peer-reviewed, annual open-sourced online publication. Editors are appointed by the PTO Board through an application process and serve a two-year term on the PTO Board. Prospective Editors should strive to bridge community activism and academic scholarship through supportive and humanizing reviewing and publishing processes. Prospective Editors should be committed to providing transparent and supportive feedback on all submissions. One-on-one editing guidance is expected for each accepted work throughout revision and copyediting processes because individuals without previous publishing experience are especially invited to submit their work to the Journal.

About the PTO Journal

In its fifth year, the PTO Journal has published scholarly and community-serving work spanning mediums such as print, oral, performance, and conceptual art pieces, and including international perspectives. Published online once a year, in association with University of Northern Iowa – ScholarWorks, the Journal aims to create critical dialogue about oppression and liberation, and to foster collaborative connections that share, develop, promote, and document how transformative theory (including, but not limited to, Pedagogy of the Oppressed and Theatre of the Oppressed) can affect social change locally and globally. The Journal is dedicated to unveiling the lived experiences of communities we belong to and interact with, and to struggling against systemic oppression in the pursuit of freedom.
The Journal is supported by Assistant Editors who serve on the PTO Board, and by an Editorial Review Board composed of members with a broad range of knowledge and experience in education, performance, artmaking, activism, scholarly research, and anti-oppression efforts.

Editor Role & Responsibilities

  • Developing and circulating relevant calls for submissions prior to each Journal issue
  • Organizing received submissions, managing peer review processes, corresponding closely with authors and peer reviewers, and editing articles for publication
  • Coordinating with and managing the Editorial Review Board and Editorial Advisors Liaison with UNI-ScholarWorks to ensure the delivery of copy according to the production schedule(s)
  • Contributing to the development and growth of the Journal by actively and responsibly representing the Journal, promoting it when possible, and collaborating with other members of the PTO Board for PTO Journal Spotlights and other extended opportunities
  • Attend and participate in monthly online board meetings and the annual in-person conference

Overview of Commitment

The initial commitment is for two years, with the possibility of serving an additional two-year term. PTO is a not-for-profit organization, and all positions within the Board are currently voluntary and unpaid. The PTO Board is committed to supporting the participation of interested members of our community and recognizes that unpaid labor can be a barrier to this participation. While not a replacement for monetary compensation, board members can provide support for those wishing to communicate about their editorial work as academic service to the profession, and/or help the incoming Editor develop new skills through applied practice in a collaborative environment.

  • Pre-term apprenticeship with current Editor: begins mid to late July 2021
  • Start of Board term: September 1, 2021
  • Editorship: November 1, 2021- August 31, 2023

How to Apply

Those interested in applying should send a CV or resume along with a cover letter that outlines their experience and ability to perform the role of Editor. Please discuss your ideas, aims, and vision for the Journal over the term of your editorship. All inquiries and applications should be directed to the PTO Board by June 27, 2021 at:

Applications are welcomed from members of the PTO community with expertise in art, writing, digital archiving, and/or editing. Applicants should be able to demonstrate an appreciation and understanding of the issues and movements within the PTO and broader communities. PTO encourages applications from members of the global majority and from members of the PTO community based outside the United States. No institutional affiliation is required to be eligible for consideration.