New PTO Community Representatives Program


What is the Community Representatives Program?

The PTO Community Representatives Program was born out of the need to offer PTO constituents more frequent and accessible opportunities to share with and learn from each other – and to foster a network of artists, educators, and activists using liberatory theatre and popular education to promote social transformation. Community Representatives (CRs) will be the local folks on the ground in our international community to keep the membership informed and to spearhead additional programming around the country and the world.

What are the program goals?

  1. To give the members of PTO the opportunity to learn about, participate in, and/or organize PO, TO, and related events throughout the year.
  2. To assist PTO members to develop networks which support anti-oppression activities and offer PO, TO, and related tools to further transformative work.
  3. To create a sustainable organization that supports the mission of PTO and increases its membership.
  4. To promote partnerships with organizations for mutual support in the promotion of social justice through PO, TO, and related tools.

How does it work?

  1. CRs will collectively serve as a committee of PTO. A Board Liaison will function as committee chair, currently Mark Weinberg.
  2. CRs will help develop a network by which PTO and aligned organizations can share information about, develop, or co-sponsor, events.
  3. CRs will have access to the calendar, web page, and journal to announce and report on events and encourage the development of Community projects.

For additional information, check out the PTO Community Representatives Page, or contact

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