Livesteam Interview by David Cobb w/ Reg Flowers

Please join us for the live streamed weekly internet talk show: Democracy in Action hosted by David Cobb interviewing Reg Flowers (in featured image) about the 2017 Pedagogy and Theatre of the Oppressed Conference today, Monday, April 3rd, 8pm EDT/5pm PDT. Watch the livestream HERE.

David Cobb is one of PTO’s 2017 Conference Keynotes and Special Guests. You can read more on our Conference Speakers Page.

Reg Flowers is the local conference lead organizer for the 2017 Conference and the founder of Falconworks Theater Company. As a community activist and organizer, Reg supports several community development projects including the New York City Worker Cooperative Development Initiative and coalition building in Detroit, MI. He specializes in Theater of The Oppressed (TO) facilitation, often in collaboration with Theater of the Oppressed Laboratory and foremost TO practitioner Julian Boal.