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The PTO Journal is a peer-reviewed, annual publication produced by Pedagogy and Theatre of the Oppressed, Inc. Its mission is to create a scholarly and community-based space for critical dialogue about oppressive social structures and actions in pursuit of collective liberation, and to foster collaborative connections that share, develop, promote, and document how transformative theory and practice can affect social change locally and globally. We take inspiration from Theatre and Pedagogy of the Oppressed, systematized by Augusto Boal and Paulo Freire respectively. 2021 was the 90th anniversary of the birth of Augusto Boal and the 100th anniversary of Paulo Freire, and so we welcome contributions not just celebrating their work methodologies but also examining and reflecting on their importance today. The 2022 Journal will feature a special section dedicated to connecting contemporary society with the times of intense repression and dictatorship in Latin America against which Boal and Freire stood up. We are excited to announce that we are accepting submissions in both English and Portuguese for the 2022 PTO Journal!


The Fall 2022 issue of the Journal will be divided into 5 sections:

  • Articles, Papers, and EssaysThis section will include a wide variety of pieces that discuss, analyze, theorize, promote and debate the contributions of Theatre of the Oppressed (TO) and Pedagogy of the Oppressed (PO), as well as other liberatory performance and education practices.
  • Reviews—this section will include commentaries on, reviews of, dialogue with, and advice about texts and performances that either are recent/important publications in the field of TO/PO and/or relevant for discussion for its worldwide (academic) community of practice. Its main goal is the dissemination of and critical dialogue about ideas expressed in the texts and performances being reviewed..
  • Project Reports— This section will include documentation of workshops, performances, and other projects. Created by facilitators and participants, these pieces should inform Journal readers/viewers about the range of TO, PO, and related activities around the world. Reports can be in any electronically reproducible format (written text, photos, videos, or any mixture thereof) as long as they indicate who is submitting them, who did the project, the relationship of the submitter to the producing group, and a description of the context that includes both a sense of purpose and process.
  • Interviews – This section will include interviews conducted by the Journal editorial committee with a range of TO and PO practitioners, scholars, professors, and other people involved with liberatory actions from around the world. 
  • Continue the Conversation – This section will include comments; short-form responses;  letters; and other forms of feedback and suggestions. General readers and journal authors are likewise invited to contribute to Continue the Conversation with reflections on the works published in the journal, suggest books for review, people to be interviewed, topics, and practices we should address.

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While submissions are accepted at any time, and submitters are welcome to contact the editors the with ideas, the deadline for the Fall 2022 issue is September 1, 2022

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